Rock Beach Swing, the new check-in spot in Phuket Like going to Vietnam and Bali in one place

Rock Beach Swing จุดเช็กอินแห่งใหม่ภูเก็ต เหมือนไปเวียดนามและบาหลีในที่เดียว

Phuket is regarded as one of the most visited cities in Thailand. Never really got bored In addition to the beautiful sea that adorns the world There are still new tourist attractions. Increase all along It is another province that is ready to impress visitors every time they come to experience.


And the main highlight of the Rock Beach Swing is the stylishly decorated photography corner. Whether it is a swing and a nest in Bali style. And the white heaven stairway that stretches along the sea like a café in Da Lat Vietnam Coming here is the only place, it’s like you have been taking photos to check in to 2 countries, so I can say that I have hundreds of photos.


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