Phu Ing Na Cafe

A cafĂ© beside a rice field surrounded by mountains Get the atmosphere of naturalness Able to see panoramic views far and wide The shop is decorated in loft style combined with country style. Seating zone, both as a cottage and a rice field. And a greenhouse air-conditioned room with a view of the outside Including a two-story observatory that can see the bird’s eye view Stand to breathe fresh air and enjoy the full view Including the swing corner in front of the mountains and green fields There is both food and fresh coffee served.

Aside from being a coffee shop Also provides accommodation in a resort style Located in the same area The coffee shop is not very big. Green and shady with trees, large and small. There is a small pool. With a seating area with a counter bar and legs And the cottage

Inside the shop, which is the air-conditioned zone which is the part of the food and beverage ordering counter By dividing the seats into 2 parts which are in the same zone as the counter And a glass-side seat overlooking the rice fields There are also outdoor seating by the fish pond and trees. And the seat next to the brick wall as well

Next to the observation deck is a 2-story observatory with tables and chairs and a bar counter. For standing or sitting and watching the panoramic view Looking ahead, there is a mountain view, atmosphere, thinking that standing in the northern rice fields. Green, very comfortable.

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