Pai in the season EP.2: Dine to eat the bitter sweet farm Romance

Continued from EP.1: Pai travel in the season: visit the park, food tasting, walking street.

The first day of Pai in the rainy season. We taste local food. Shop at Walking Street Go to the organic garden to see pigs look good mood, the second day, I intend to attend. “Local rice Local food … Pai “to see the kindness of the villagers who come to help each other.

This is a rice paddy field Mae Hong Son, Pai, Mae Hong Son. The villagers will be prepared to seed seedlings for tourists to try to do. If anyone is ready, take off your shoes …. This is a beautiful scenery that is worth it.
With the Pai. It is high time to rain, clear water will flow down from the mountain. The villagers do the water to the water.

You will see the sun in the way of farming. Go to the rice paddies.

The work is organized annually. It will be prepared. Prepare seedlings. Who wants to join to remove the seedlings. I took off my shoes.
I love this baby.
Tourists who come to the event, if anyone is ready to go to this.
I will do it. Also selected from Hill Tribe products such as clothing.
Back to the river at Pai bridge. Sip coffee at the restaurant. Then go to lunch at the most delicious shop in the world (Category De). This restaurant has both raw and cooked pork ribs.

On the way to the shop. It has a beautiful view. This way we see all the way.

The most delicious lobster in the world (หมวด เดช)

This menu is made of raw or cooked raw meat, fried noodles / fried fennel, boiled sausage, small pineapple (do it yourself), pork sausage – roasted pork neck The first word to taste is that I know. Each menu includes herbs and spices. Many vegetables have just seen. The shopkeeper said. Folk vegetables here A good herb In addition to eating side by side, it also benefits the body. I can say that this restaurant taste. Delicious

Glass noodles to order. It’s cool.

The most delicious lobster in the world (หมวด เดช)
Open daily from 10am to 7pm.
087-1781383, 082-1817473

Im pretty sure the ride to the beautiful view is not to miss the next. Romance Farm Pai.

Pai in Season 3
Romance Farm Pai A cute farm with a cafe, a photo corner, a dairy farm, a dairy farm amidst lush green meadows.

And in the future will be open to the workshop to make fresh milk from cow’s milk. Let’s have a taste and get home butter.

Today’s dinner is a luxury. Fine Dining: Pai in the season will be held at Riverie Siam Resort. This will be a gathering of famous chefs who will create a special menu of local ingredients Pai. We did not go to the stage when he was organizing the event, but let’s try it.

Fine Dining: Pai in the season is featured in the selection of raw materials in the rainy season in Pai district, created a chef’s menu by steak from the Steak of The Day and Rim Rim Restaurant, Chiang Mai. It has been well received since the first Fine Dining arrangement.
DAY 3: Strike to the spin to see the steps.

It’s a good idea to get up early. Go to the bike to see the beauty of the field of Pai, but the rain drops from the morning did not stop. Morning, I went to play solving. I took a picture around the hotel and saw the fog after the rain, this is the kind of thing (I think it’s the good of the sky after rain). Do not go to see the scenery. It is to pay homage to Wat Phra That Mae Yen. To eat a little I’m at Earth Tone. Green Café and Health Shop

Earth Tone Shop Green Cafe and Health Shop: See a small shop. This is a very healthy menu. And there are plenty of healthy ingredients to buy.

Before returning to take a photo play at home in Pai Pai Dream near Coffee In Love. Come to the rain, this is the atmosphere to another. No fog, but very beautiful views.

Pai Historical Bridge is closed. The rain clouds are chasing after. I will go to rain this round is smooth. Even if it rains, it does not count.

Last meal before return Visit Pai Town @ Baan Benjarong This restaurant is dependable on food taste. But there is something small. The customer will know that this store must be calm. Because the owner himself. And be very careful. To cook each dish.

Do not miss out! Stir Fried Spaghetti, Glaucous Fish Soup, Fried Fish Fish, Meerkat Frame, Yum Flavor

Baan Benjarong Restaurant
Address 79 Moo 8, Wiang Tai, Pai, Mae Hong Son
Tel. 089-6542191, 053698010
Open daily from 11:00 to 13:30, 17:00 to 20:30.

End of trip to Pai in the season. We are lucky enough to get rain. To see the beautiful rice fields. Really good No matter where you look at it. I will be attracted to the rain. Next time Find the right time. Let’s go to each other again.

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