Onedaytrip Nakhon Nayok Update 5 Travels

If you think about the pure natural atmosphere, feel free to visit the forest, mountains, waterfalls, and get pure ozone near Nakhon Nayok. At the new check-in point To go back almost anywhere This time, we plan to go to Nakhon Nayok again. Going to experience the greenery and mood of traveling to the north Visit a beautiful temple. Living in a chic cafe


Chong Lom Waterfall

Leaving Bangkok early on the way, stop for a full breakfast to recharge. Because our first destination requires a little bit of energy to wade through Chong Lom waterfall, the beauty that has been discovered in Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam Famous tourist attractions of Nakhon Nayok Is a stream of waterfalls that flow through small and large rock gorges and green forest Gives freshness like green Many people may have visited the dam many times. But may not know that behind the dam there is a hidden miracle of nature This atmosphere does not have to travel far to the north or south. Just came to Nakhon Nayok and found

Getting to Chong Lom Waterfall is very easy. Just head to the Khun Dan Dam. Then contact the cruise service center. Which is in the parking area The service is open from 09.00 -17.00 hrs. The service fee is 1-7 people, 1500 baht, 8 people or more, 200 baht per person. If coming alone or a small number, sit and wait at the pavilion for a moment. Will have a companion with the same destination to help share it to the full of the boat, or who wants to charter the whole boat When the amount is complete Walk to the embankment, which is the harbor, down the stairs with many steps down. Get on the boat which is a long tail boat with roof and lifeboat ready If you don’t want to see a lot of people, come in at about 9 o’clock in the morning because at noon, more people will gradually come. The shoes worn for traveling are those that are waterproof and not slippery. Because having to walk a little through the waterfall Or if it is sneakers but must be careful to get wet For people who are thirsty, it’s easy to bring a small bottle of water with you.

Cruise routes will stop at all 3 points, namely Pha Ngamnon waterfall. Khlong Khram Waterfall Chong Lom waterfall, which is a highlight For the first stop, is Pha Ngamon waterfall. Which is located at the farthest. Take a boat for about 20 minutes. The boat will park for 30 minutes to go up to see this waterfall. But we didn’t go up Because I don’t want to climb Want to keep the energy to go to the Chong Lom waterfall As for the second point, Khlong Khram Waterfall Not far from the first point, give 30 minutes Didn’t stop by for the same reason Fortunately, boat seats come with tourists who have the same opinion. Tell the boatman to go to Chong Lom Waterfall. Because I want to stay for a long time Because it’s the goal that I want to go more

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