One Day Trip Sai Bun at Ban Wang Ka Sangkhlaburi

One Day Trip สายบุญ ที่บ้านวังกะ สังขละบุรี
If you are one of the merit-seekers and are looking for a place to chill out, walk, make merit, enjoy the traditional Mon culture, we would like to present the One Day Trip “Ban Wang Ka Sangkhlaburi”, the Mon community that is still unique. The way of life and culture of the original Raman people Plus, finish the trip with Unseen Thailand that you must not miss.

This Mon community is located in Nong Lu Subdistrict. Sangkhlaburi Karnchanaburi This place is not only good at the Mon Bridge But there are also tourist attractions and other activities Many more give merit to us. Selected throughout the day


But before going to travel Or do any activity Have to ask for foot in the past This village is a Mon village that has evacuated from Myanmar. With Luang Pho Uttam as the main dependency of the villagers And because the east side of the village has a large water source, there are abundant fish Therefore used this reason to name the village “Wang Ka village”, the word “Wang” is Wang Nam, while the word “Ka” is a Mon language which means fish, so can be translated as “Village Wang Pla”

Later in the year 1984, there was a construction of the Vachiralongkorn Dam (Khao Laem Dam) causing the villagers to flee. But it was good to have Luang Por Uttamadon donated a portion of Wat Wang Wiwekaram which was compensated by the state. Divided for the villagers to use as a residence The villagers therefore believe and respect Luang Pho Tum very much.


Know the history And opening the first trip at the Mon Bridge or Uttmanusorn Bridge The longest wooden bridge in Thailand is 850 meters long. It is a bridge of faith that was created by the collaboration of the Sangkhlaburi community. In which Luang Por Uttam is the leader in creating This bridge is a bridge connecting the Thai side and the Mon side together.

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