Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal

Mae Hong Son is known as a hazy city due to its high mountainous terrain. Mostly foggy weather throughout most of the year. Many people planned to visit Pai, we came to see the beginning of the journey is Mae Hong Hui bus station to teach it.

The easiest guide. For Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal
Mae Hong Son Bus Station is located on Navasakkasarn Road, Pak Kham Sub-district, Muang District, Mae Hong Son Province. Mae Hong Son Province Mae Hong Son Bus Station Surrounded by beautiful green mountains. And blue sky It is one of the most beautiful transit stations in Thailand.

Ticket Counter
There are few ticket counters in the terminal, all located at the entrance of the bus station. The most popular route is Mae Hong Son’s Pai to Pai. The Pai transport operator operates the only Pai service that is permitted on Pai. The passengers can also travel from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai.

This could be just a bus station with a waiting lounge. Accommodation is opposite the ticket counter near Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal. There is a power outlet in this room so you can charge your electronics here. There are also readable documents for people to borrow. Or bring back. Or you could go to the TV area for other entertainment.

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