Khiri Wan Temple

It’s time to go into the temples together. Nakhon Nayok has beautiful temples. We do not know many places, such as Wat Kiri Wan, with a replica of the Emerald Buddha enshrined in a temple atop a hill. The temple is the largest Buddha statue in the world. And is respected by the general public Including Khmer style architecture, including a large Khmer castle that houses 1,000-year-old Luang Pho Pho statue of Buddha, carved from the wood of the Bodhi tree Including the stucco and various fairy Both Chinese and Brahman

When the temple starts to catch the eye of Khmer walls. Including ancient Khmer castle Prominent stand on the bottom of the temple Similar to the Khmer castle in the northeast In front there is a replica of Buddha. Buddha head Including the instant god To worship The atmosphere in the temple is quite peaceful.

Around the castle is delicately decorated with beautiful carvings.

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Including the stucco and various fairy Which is located on the way up to pay homage to the Emerald Buddha, next to it is the temple and has a wall that is carved in Brahman style. Looks strange too

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