How to Choose The Best Activity Holiday If You are Backpacking with Family

Do you and your family love traveling with you on vacation? Many outdoor activities and closer to nature, when the noise of the Alps in France? Well, here are a few places to choose from, all with a plethora of activities to choose from.

An adventurous adventure awaits you at this beautiful Savoyard. Surrounded by water, it is ideal for water sports such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. Summer is especially an area that opens up for visitors to explore. It’s a great place to find family holidays. The resort is a busy place. It also has a relaxing feeling.

The most important thing in Morzine is:
As an apprentice farmer for today, kids will love these days in the farm where they can help feed and care for the animals, learn to make cheeses and butter. A real understanding of alpine farm life and for children to understand where food comes from.

The ‘The Fantasticable’ zip line across the top of the Chaux Fleurie lift, you’ll find a zip line that will take you 3 km in two steps. You can reach the straps at speeds of 100 km per hour, fly under the trees and view the scenery below.

Go to the aquarium for fun and relaxation. This complex pool has river slides and waves so children enjoy splashing water. A good way to quench heat. For tired parents, sunbathing areas and solariums are the places to relax and enjoy the sunshine in the summer.

Choose Morzine for an exciting family vacation that has enough activity to keep children tired and entertained.

Les Gets
This magnificent alpine town offers visitors an unrivaled location perfect for a family holiday. There are so many things to watch and do. Les Gets draws guests from lovers of adventure to cultural lovers.

Some interesting things in Les Gets are:
Take a world class crash course that will test your mountain biking skills. This run is used in professional activities throughout the area. But it’s perfect for beginners with a sprint, “the skirt section is a bit hard or technical.

The Nyon Forest Adventure Park is close by, offering scenic views for all the family. Here you will find zip lines, stairs, swings, ropes and more to explore the jungle.

Take the high mountain route and cross the French-Swiss border in the Portes du Soleil area. Take the lift to the top or walk or bike. There are many different paths for all abilities. The highest point around Avoriaz can be reached over 2,000 meters.

There are adventures to be had in Les Gets, but you can have some time to relax. The traditional town has many shops and cafes to enjoy nightlife and is also a great place to visit. Les Gets has been paired with nearby Morzine for you to enjoy the entertainment that is available. In this area

Choose Les Gets for delicious food, beautiful views and family fun.

If you want to ski in the summer, this resort has glaciers throughout the year as a place for you. Not just skiing Tignes is also known as a luxury resort with interesting activities for visitors. There is also sunshine due to its location in the south. An active family will love this resort with many choices on what to do.

The most important thing in Tignes is:
Cramp or climbing shoes with you and enjoy walking on Glacier. Aeroski lift will lead you to the top, where you can walk along the ridge to the glacier. Walking is not too difficult and can be done by anyone. There is moderate level of exercise. Spectacular scenery is definitely worth it.

The Tignes bike park has jumping lanes, banks and all sorts of obstacles to try out your mountain bike technique. Do not miss the ‘Crazy Airbag’ that after climbing to the top of the tower you can jump into the airbag below. Safely

Ever wondered what it was like walking on the water? Get up close by trying to board a boating boat on Lake Tignes. This activity is free with resort packages and is a great way to fit in the mountains. It’s not easy But with a little practice you will be affected by it.

Choose Tignes to meet and mix with other families and group activities with lots of people. Great if kids want to mix and play with other holiday makers at the same age.

Val D’Isere
You can enjoy premium activities in Val D’Isere, better known as a more charming resort. It is one of the most famous alpine resorts, having lots of fun for the family. Other places where there is sunshine in the summer, you can enjoy sunbathing at the outdoor market, cafe and bar in the resort center.

Some interesting things in Val D’Isere are:
Cycling in the Col de l’Iseran where you can cross the highest mountain in the Alps. If you love cycling, you will want to try this famous route. Holiday makers can try mountain biking. But using a street bike is the best.

Via Ferrata is a must-do activity where you can follow the trail marked through the mountains and you will be assisted along the steps, bridges and stairs. For more safety, you control to prevent accidents. Route is suitable for children and adults over 8 years old.

Parapenting starts from the height of the mountain, where you can sail down to the bottom of the canyon, as opposed to a tandem roller coaster controlled by your instructor. Parachutes are controlled by the instructor as you can enjoy the ride and amazing views.

Select Val D’Isere for more private activities. You can enjoy private lessons and tours that are only available to you and your family.

So where do you choose to vacation on your family vacation?
Backpacking with children can be tricky and difficult to keep in mind, especially when you have enough luggage to carry. The great thing about these resorts in the French Alps is that you can choose and rent any equipment you want and have so many amenities available to you. Also you do not need much to enjoy yourself here!

Whenever you choose to visit the French Alps you will be surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains, waterfalls, lakes and countryside. Your family will be grateful for the exciting and memorable experience. What is your favorite family activity destination in the French Alps? Got this item?

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