Flowers of the season “Tembo Flower Field Shikisai-ooka “The scenery that spans the whole of Biay, Hokkaido

มวลดอกไม้แห่งฤดูกาล “ทุ่งดอกไม้เทมโบ ชิคิไซโนะโอกะ” ทิวทัศน์ที่แผ่กว้างไปทั้งบิเอย์ ฮอกไกโด

Even though it is still the rainy season of Japan to enjoy hydrangea flowers playing beautiful rain water. But soon, the summer that makes you want to go out and go will visit. In the season with lots of good weather, that is the best time to see the colorful flowers. Plus, you will be able to see the most beautiful scenery with the blue sky.

This time, I would recommend the best season to appreciate the charm of “Tembo Flower Field Shikisai-ooka “The scenery that spans the entire city of Bijie, Hokkaido, in the summer, colorful flowers will bloom. The spectacular scenery that glows in rainbow colors will definitely shake your heart.

“Tembo Flower Field Shikisaiooka “dyed the hills into a rainbow of flowers


“Tembo Flower Field Shikisaioka Oka “is located in Biay city. Kamikawa District Hokkaido Prefecture during “Green Season” from late April to late October There will be 30 fields of tulips, poppies, sunflowers, cosmos and others. Spread over the hills like colorful carpets. And the flowers will be planted according to the season Therefore able to enjoy seasonal scenery according to each period


“Winter Season” during the beginning of December to the beginning of April next year “Throwing Temo flowers” that used to have a lot of colorful flowers, blooming will be covered with white snow. Change your face to “Snowland”. You can enjoy exciting activities like snowmobile driving. Or snow rafting on the slopes that are also snowed

But in addition to enjoying the great and beautiful natural scenery In this same place You will also be able to experience agriculture more closely, such as “FARM Chikisaioka Oka” and also have an entertainment garden, which is the symbol of Biay. “Alpaca Farm” and “PENSION Shikisai Nooka”, which is a charming attraction to many tourists.

The best time to visit the Tembo flower fields Shikisinoho is?

The best period of every year is July to September.

A place with two faces in this Green Season and Winter Season. Can see different scenery in each period of the year But the most visited period is about 3 months, including July, August and September, which is summer. During this time, the vast hills are covered with a variety of colorful flowers that become a rainbow flower field.


Which during that time In July, there will be both lavender Beautiful light purple flowers look cool. The sunflower that unfolds the petals to bloom, showing the light from the sun. And lovely yellow round marigold flowers, and there are many varieties of flowers waiting to welcome you.

The scenery is painted with many flowers, like the work of the fabric. Is the beauty that makes you want to lift the camera to take pictures without having to think back. And also the scenery that no matter where the photo is taken, it comes out like a drawing Therefore making many tourists visit here every year


Those flowers were planted with expertise to bloom together until it became a beautiful scenery. Therefore, even at the end of summer, you can still see the flowers. After passing through the month of July, dotted with bright colors From September to the beginning of autumn, there will be dahlia. Anemone, Japan And California Poppies to watch And the hills will be dyed with the colors that blend deeply together

In the summer, there will be plenty of tourists. Those who want to travel comfortably, I suggest going to the autumn season.

How to travel to the Tembo flower field Shikisinoho


Walk from the “Biboshi Station” JR Furano Line, which is the nearest station, about 25 minutes. Distance of about 2.2 km. You who are confident in their strength can walk to experience the fresh atmosphere of Hokkaido.


In Bei Hokkaido, there are other tourist attractions, such as “blue pool” which is blue like an illusion and “Farm Tomita”, which is a nationally famous lavender field. If traveling by private car without using public transportation, it is advisable to visit other places too.

Green Season data for 2019 (business hours and admission fees)


In 2019, Green Season will start from June to September. The opening hours of the flower fields, shops and restaurants during that time are 8.30 – 18.00 hrs. (L.O. Restaurant opens until 17.30 hrs.) The nearby alpaca farm is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.


For general admission, it is free. But there is a donation of 200 yen each. It is a maintenance fee for a beautiful flower field. In addition, there will be a fee for each type of vehicle, such as a track bus (from 500 m high school children up). 800 yen people) Go karts (4 people, 15 minutes, 2,000 yen)


The entrance fee for “Alpaca Farms” is 500 yen for children from high school to elementary school – 300 yen for junior high and free for children under elementary school. The alpaca farm is open all year round, but every visit comes to the Tembo flower field Shikisaioka Oka and would like to stop by The soft touch of alpaca helps to heal the mind.


Compared to Honshu Island, Hokkaido’s summer is very short. But the beautiful scenery of “Tembo Flower Field Shikisaioka Oka “will persist until I think … if the summer is longer than this, it is good, so this summer must be visited. Ensure that the scenery you see will be one of your beautiful, beautiful things.

* Is information during the time of writing the article Which details may change

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