Fethiye for the Adventurous

Fethiye is located in the south-west of Turkey, on the coast, which is often referred to as Turquoise Coast or Turkish Riviera. There is a beautiful harbor with stunning walks, quaint old town and vibrant nightlife. Some of the country’s most beautiful beaches are not far from Fethiye and are the starting point for Turkey’s first long-distance footpath, as well as places such as Lycian Rock Tombs, Hellenistic Castle and Kayakoy Ghost Town. Take the marked forest route directly from the center. Despite all this, Fethiye is often mistaken for a quiet port city suitable for those planning a relaxing vacation. In fact, Fethiye is perfect for those who are thrilled and have many Fethiye tours. The surrounding area has some of the best places in the world for some adventure sports, whether you want to start yourself from the peak of Babadag dive. Into the Blue Lagoon or walk up to 500 km in the beautiful area.

Paragliding of Mount Babadag

This is one of the best spots for watering in the Babadag world, overlooking the famous Oludeniz Bay in the Mediterranean, with clear waters and spectacular blue lagoons. Up to 2,000 meters above sea level, you’ll see trails along the rugged hills and rugged cliffs of the coastline. Multiply jumping is available with experienced guides, so previously no training experience and only strong nerves. You can enjoy 30-45 minutes of air or 360 degree spin before landing at Oludeniz Beach, where you can swim, have lunch or jump on the bus back to Fethiye.

Snorkel or Scuba Dive

Stretching the coastline from Fethiye to Marmaris to the west and Antalya to the east, is known at the Turquoise coast and the picturesque sandy beaches of the sea do not disappoint the Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz. And it is the best fish that will go before the crowds arrive and make the wild animals far away. For a quiet bay you can head to Gelimer Beach, which is less developed. But equally beautiful Across the beach is the Gelimer Island, which is in the ruins swimming area, which is the ruins of the Byzantine monastery. This is also one of the places on the 12 day cruise, which stops in many places to jump. Into the sea and snorkel over the reef and sink. ruin

Another option is Calis Beach. The sandy beach is only 5 km away from Fethiye’s old town, popular for men and women and surfers and windsurfers, located on the northern end of the beach.

For something more you can join one of the submarine excursions around Fethiye. It is good for beginners, and many companies offer PADI, SSI and CMAS courses. The clear waters provide excellent visibility and harbors. The area is ideal for beautiful coral reefs, ancient coral walls and a variety of marine life.

Trek on the Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is Turkey’s first longest pedestrian route and starts just 11 km from Fethiye at Ovacik. It is marked by standard European red and white standards and rocks along the coast of Fethiye and Antalya. 500 km. Explore lush valleys, mountain villages and beaches. Naming the Lycian route, as it links ancient Lycian sites and archaeological sites throughout the region. Hiking can be done in the jungle and the beach along the route or in the basic guesthouse in the village. The Lycian Way is a great way to explore this area, with the opportunity to experience local culture, history and adventures.

Climbing Waterfalls

The Butterfly Valley is featured and beautiful near Fethiye, accessible by a speedboat or a one-day cruise from Oludeniz, or through the harsh path descended from Fethiye village at the Butterfly Valley cliff. It is a Tier 1 Jersey Jersey site. Butterfly and small waterfall. The promenade from the beach to the valley passes through green vegetation and the grass glows farther until you wake up on the last four meters of the falls. It is vertical and slippery and has ropes tied to the cliff to help. Your accent Stand on top of the waterfall, sandwich between cliffs that you can overlook back across the valley and into the sea



Fethiye water rafting is a must for those who want excitement. The white sea of ​​the Dalaman River, close to Fethiye, descends from Kocas Mountain, which flows through the waterfalls through pine forests and lush valleys. The river has 3-4 rai and is a favorite spot in Turkey for rafting. Rafting often joins the river at Gurleyik and a 12-14-mile cruise. There is also a river kayak for the brave in the Dalaman River or in the cool water of Saklikent Canyon where you can visit the sink. Nature is rich in minerals.

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