Cycling City Tour 3 Bays Prachuap Khiri Khan

Prachuap Khiri Khan The seashore with 3 big bays, bicycles along the coast, including Ao Noi Bay, Prachuap Bay and Ao Noi are major historical sites. Have a beautiful view. Let’s take a photo. And worship the largest teak wood church in Thailand.

Bike City Tour 3 Bays

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ ปั่นจักรยานเมือง 3 อ่าว

From the first bay “Lemon Bay”
The most beautiful bay in Prachuap. In the past, it was the land troops of Japanese soldiers in World War II, currently under the care of the Air Force and Flight 5.

The name “Ao Lom” comes from the shape of a round beach like lemon.
In addition to the sea at the Gulf of lemon, the 5th Division also organizes many water activities to serve tourists.
There is a special area which is built. It features a variety of activities such as archery, ATV riding, horse riding, goat feeding, ostrich, deer, and open air golf courses.

Map of Flying Squadron 5

In addition to the beautiful beaches of Lemon Bay. There are also historical attractions such as the museum, the replica footprint, the shrine, the hat. And the Southern Leprechaun Conservation District.
If you have time to go up the view. The “cape surrounded by the hat”, which is sandwiched between Lime Bay and Prachuap Bay. The scenery is very beautiful.

The name “he encircles his hat” comes from a hat-like shape and is surrounded by two seas.
He surrounded the hat as a natural habitat. “Southern Leprechauns”, which are tame animals. And friendly to tourists, there is a unique new baby lemurs. When you grow up, the hair will turn gray, white, natural white.
From Ao Lue The second bay is “Prachuap Bay”, which is still in the care of Flight 5.

Prachuap Bay has 3 islands: Rhino Island, Main Island and Hainan Island.

The “Hainan Island” is a phenomenon of the sea, it is able to walk to the island at low tide.

There are historical sources such as the “Flying Squadron Museum”, which was created to commemorate the venerable December 8, 1941. All public holidays are from 09.00 to 15.00.

“Museum Building” colorful with a seaside atmosphere, many open to visitors.
The old building was built in 1922 as the home of the family of commissioned officers 10 families later restored to a museum. And name it “History of War” to be a source of history.

“Monument to Heroes December 8, 1941”
Created to honor the bravery of the bravery of the Royal Thai Air Force in World War II at this location.

“Monument to the dead”
Have a memorial to the deceased as follows.
“The long nightmare has ended. Time to sacrifice peacefully. In the embrace of motherland. They give up everything. Even their own lives and their families to protect themselves under the warm sand, the sun, and the waves that shake are eternal. ”

“Stone carvings”
Made of 60 tons of green sandstone, built to commemorate the crusade of the Valiant on December 8, 1941, the front was depicted as a battle to halt landings. Behind the scenes is the signing of a peace agreement.

Then spin the watch. “Saran-way Bridge” bright red bridge. To the sea Prachuap Bay
Saran-way Bridge The original bridge Located in front of Prachuap Bay. Prachuap Khiri Khan Municipality
Renovated to be the new Land Mark of the city. The theme and colors are based on Hua Hin Railway Station. Which is unique to the province.
The name given by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn that “meaning Saran Way”. Bridge of Happiness

Good atmosphere and Friday – Saturday and Sunday are closed between 14.00 – 24.00.
To make a “community shop – pedestrian walkway” there is a souvenir shop along the length of the road along the bay.
From the bridge to see. “Khao Chong”, a popular viewpoint of the city.

“Mirror Channel” is a peak with a large hole in the middle when looking through the hole. Will see the sky on the other side of him. Like to put a glass plate. In the reflection of the sky itself.
At the top there is a “Wat Khao Chong” and the Buddha’s footprint is enshrined. Must walk up the 396 steps to conquer the glass.
When it comes to the top. The 3 high bay views are clear. Ao Noi Bay, Prachuap Bay and Ao Noi.
On the way up There are a lot of monkeys living. Tourists should be careful not to wear glasses, sunglasses, cameras or other valuables. Come out to see the monkey. Because it may be scammed by monkeys.

Spinning along the road stretching from Prachuap Bay to Ao Noi, 7 km.

On the way to see a variety of people in the area. Fishing villages, hotels, motels, government offices As well as the park. And recreation facilities.

Arrive at bay 3 is “Ao Noi”

Ao Noi beach is full of fishing boats, beachfront fishing grounds and fishing villages.

“Krom Luang Chumphon Monument” is located on the coast of Ao Noi.
Watch “teak teak” at “Wat Ao Noi”, a unique feature is the use of teak to make a church. In the structure. And the carved parts outside the church.
Wat Ao Noi has a “cave Buddha”, which is the Buddha image. The fishermen in the bay area for a long time.
End of Day Trip 3 full day of Prachuap Bay. With a bike. Save energy Also exercise Watch the community lifestyle closely. And feel the cool breeze. From the beach road Try to find a spin. The view is different from the tourism.

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