A guide to the best trails in the Costa del Sol

If potential visitors are under the impression that Costa del Sol is just great for sunbathing on the beach every day, then they can not be more wrong. There are plenty of sunsets to choose from. But the southern Spanish coastline is much more than elsewhere.

The letter “Sun Coast”, Costa del Sol is a region in Andalusia, Spain. Málaga is the largest city and is surrounded by small towns and picturesque fishing villages. Travel to resort and beach. But if hikers want to explore the unique beauty of the mountains and mountains, there are many amazing trails lined along the coastline that offer beautiful views.

This part of Spain is very hot in summer. But even in September, visitors can expect temperatures in the 60s high, so they should make sure they stock up on water and protection when embarking on these hikes, because there are quite often. A little veil from the sun.

Here are some of the best hiking trails along the Costa del Sol:

La Concha
For some of the most breathtaking views of the Costa del Sol taking place, one of Marbella’s most recognized places should be considered. It’s about 4,000 feet from the town of La Concha, giving Moroccan views on a fine day starting at about 8 km from Juanar and the region’s lush vegetation and animals, including olive groves and pines. Way

La Bola
For a little exercise, mountaineers can start from beautiful Mijas and climb up to the top of Pico de Mijas, 3,700 feet above sea level. Through the relatively high terrain, views from this part of the Sierra de Mijas are beautiful. Both the coast of Malaga can be photographed as well as the Sierra de las Nieves to the north. Be very careful because the ground is slippery and dirty. However, the view from the top will make everything worthwhile.

El Cielo
Sierras de Tejeda is a popular area for hikers and offers panoramic views of the El Cielo peaks in North Africa and the surrounding seashore. The start of the climb is at Cuevas de Nerja, so it is not far from the holiday apartments in the Costa del Sol. The arid landscape can be quite unforgiving, so it may be the best route. Later this summer, from summer heat. There are ideal stops for about 3,200 feet, although more experienced hikers may want to go to the peak.

In some beautiful examples of beautiful white village buildings in this area, brave explorers can add some trails leading to Ronda village in the north of the region, standing at an altitude of about 3,000 feet above. The magnificent Ronda mountain water that surrounds the village is filled with caves and paths to the rocky beggars to discover. The heat can be quite heavy even in the latter part of the year because of the small shade, but unlike the other routes mentioned here, the proximity to the village bar and the Tapas restaurant means a warm welcome awaits. At the end Your hiking

You can easily travel to Costa del Sol with the Málaga Airport, the most popular spot for visitors. If the idea of ​​making something on the beach sounds like a holiday from hell, then visitors will be pleased to know that there is more to do in this gorgeous region – and some hiking trails are probably the way. Best to use in Amazing landscape of the local.

Pedestrians should carefully study the route before departure to ensure that their level of expertise is adequate. However, as long as some care is taken when doing research, plenty of water is taken when hiking and the trip is carried out in the evenings of the year for visits. Then the breathtaking vistas of the Costa del Sol will be remembered.

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