5 Top Tips for Backpacking the US

Throughout Asia, Europe and Oceania, it is not uncommon to see couples or even solo travelers visiting the sights with a large backpack on their back. Often, I’m dirty, flip-flop and water in hands. These are backpackers who generally enjoy what is commonly referred to as an economical trip.

Backpacking in the US is happening less than in the rest of the world. The main reason comes from the fact that budgeting can be difficult when traveling in countries where transportation and accommodation are very expensive and expensive. This is the reason why you will find a brief guide on what to consider when traveling to America with a budget.

important! Before you go
Sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of traveling to a new distant land where we forget about the tedious red tape and the travel documents we need to arrange beforehand in order to get real where we want to go. !

First, make sure you have a valid passport on the go and do not expire until at least six months after you return.

Your passport requires you to apply for an ESTA visa online for at least 72 hours. US ESTA serves as your travel authorization to enter the country.

Finally, even if it is not legally enforceable, we recommend that you get your travel insurance for America well provided to cover all cases. Remember that in the United States, any medical treatment can be very expensive and there are travel insurance to relieve the burden, including assistance and compensation for lost luggage, flight cancellations, etc.

Sleep was
Finding accommodation in the US is not a problem, start when you are looking for a place to live in the United States for less! European capitals are squeezed out of the dormitory for backpackers looking to save money. But again, not very big in the US. But do not fret! There are cheaper alternatives for larger hotels:

Motel is the most common accommodation for travel in America. Try Motel 6 or Super 8 along US Highway, which starts from $ 35USD / night or other well known network such as Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, etc.

Alternatively, AirBnb is a favorite of travelers, where you can book rooms or flats belonging to people living in the city or city you visit.

Oldie, but Goodie is Couchsurfing, which is famous for offering free accommodation. But simple, the locals, who sometimes even become excellent tour guides.

After all, in the largest cities in the United States, you may find hostels like US Youth Hostels: HIhostels (Hostel International)

Getting on a shoestring
The United States is a big country that makes travel around the complex a little more and often less than other countries. But do not be discouraged! There are many forms of transportation in the United States where you are bound to find something that fits your style and budget well:

Traditional American road trips with car rentals are a popular choice among travelers who want to feel real for small towns in America and feel the wind in their hair on the extra long highway. The good thing is that gas can be quite cheap and it gives you the freedom to stop anywhere and anytime you choose.

If your budget does not allow car rentals or maybe you travel solo through America, there is a large network of American bus companies traveling from East to West and North to South, including MegaBus, BoltBus, and Famous. Greyhound

As the vast distance to fly is also an option with cheap flights across the US with airlines such as JetBlue and SouthWest, Continental, United and American Airlines.

Finally, AMTRAK is a cross-country rail company that offers a comfortable traveling experience. But at a slightly higher price. But train tickets are available, and even discounts for students, etc.

Less Attractions
The attractions you choose will vary depending on the traveler, so it’s a bit complicated to help you find the right deal.

We recommend that you check out Groupon information and similar sites in the city you plan to visit to find affordable entertainment that other visitors may not know!

In your accommodation, do not be afraid to ask staff or check the notice boards for planned activities or spontaneous activities.

Alternatively, for an economical way to see the sights in the US, take a local public transport trip, such as a bus or tram and travel and leave as you wish.

Finally, if you are traveling with friends and family to see the natural beauty of the US National Parks, you will receive a $ 80 Federal Immigration Pass for you and your three friends to visit the parks, forests and wildlife. Free Including the famous Yellowstone all year long! (Additional bonuses are you can camp out in these areas too completely free!)

Eating budget
Now we know that travel can create thirst. But luckily, food comes cheap in the US and there are so many types of food and cooking styles available that you will find something that fits your needs!

Sandwich shop is very popular and very economical.

The restaurants are available anywhere and cost from $ 10 to $ 20 per meal for midweek, such as TGI Fridays, Dennys, Olive Garden and Hard Rock Café.

Fast food is also abundant and affordable inexpensive food less than 10 dollars can fill the empty stomach.

Another option is to buy food in many supermarkets and prepare your own meals to reduce costs.

Now you are ready to have the expertise to prepare your backpacking vacation throughout the United States. First, these important travel documents include a passport, ESTA visa application, etc. Then go to fun content, plan your itinerary!

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